Merudandasana Balancing bear or Spinal Column pose helps to improve your balance and concentration; it also opens up the hips and stretches the back of the legs.

Merudandasana Balancing Bear Spinal Column Yoga pose मेरुदण्डासन Image Gallery

Position of Readiness
Baddha Konasana

From Baddha Konasana, grip on to each foot with each hand.
Inhaling lean backwards and raise both heals off of the ground.
Keep the shoulders down and back with the chest pressing forward and upwards.
Inhaling kick the legs into the arms.
Straighten the legs and raise them up and out towards the corners of the room.
Breathe and retain this pose for few breaths.
Exhaling release pose bending the knees bringing the bottoms of the feet back together on the ground.


Improves your balance and concentration.
It tones abdominal organs especially the liver.
opens up the hips and stretches the back of the legs.
It alleviates any stiffness in your back.

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