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Krounchasana-Heron pose

Krounchasana-Heron pose

Krounchasana-Heron pose

Krounchasana-Heron pose

Position of Readiness:

Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose).


Bring your left leg into Ardha Virasana. Then bend your right knee and place the foot on the floor, just in front of the right sitting bone. Place your right arm against the inside of the right leg (so that your shoulder presses against the inner knee). Cross your hand in front of the right ankle and grasp the outside of the right foot. Finally grasp the inside of the right foot with your left hand.
Lean back slightly, but keep the front torso long. Firm the shoulder blades against your back to help maintain the lift of the chest. Inhale and raise the leg diagonally to the floor, angled about 45 degrees, or with the foot as high as or slightly higher than your head.


Hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute. Then exhale and release the raised leg. Repeat with the legs reversed for the same length of time.


Stretches the hamstrings
Stimulates the abdominal organs and heart


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